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QR code for NaturaList for Android

NaturaList is the App linked with all the existing Biolovision websites.

This App allow entering observations Worldwide, in 22 languages and for 31 taxonomic groups.

It allows occasional data entry (iOs Béta + Android), by lists or protocols ( Android only).

The data are going on existing websites and, if no local website, on

It's really a fieldbook, it allows use without network and you can parameter the App to save battery when in the field!

This tool allows you to see what's around you, signaled by other observers, and rarity in an expanded radius.

NB: The version iOs is waiting to be validated by Apple, only the Beta is avaiable. Developpment costs are consequent and help will be helpful when it will be public open. As

long as the version is Beta, no money is taken when subscribing and the Apple programm force us to redo the subscription many times a day...



QR code for NaturaList for Android

 NaturaList est l'Application en lien avec tous les portails Biolovision existants.

Cette application permet la saisie au niveau mondial, dans 22 langues, de 31 groupes taxonomiques.

L'application permet une saisie occasionnelle (iOs Béta + Android), par liste ou de manière protocolée (version Android uniquement).

Les données saisies vont sur les sites existants et, également en cas d’absence de site local, sur le site

Véritable carnet de terrain, elle permet la saisie hors ligne et différents paramètres permettent l'économie de batterie.

C'est également un outil qui vous permet de consulter ces que les autres observateurs ont vu autour de vous et les raretés dans un rayon élargi.

NB: La version iOs est en phase de test en attente de validation par Apple. Le coût de développement étant conséquent les soutiens seront les bienvenus lors de l'ouverture

publique. Tant que la version est en Bétatesting, rien n'est prélevé en cas de souscription à l'abonnement.

A: App login / Entrer dans l'App

Page d'accueil de NaturaList




You have those 4 possibilities in the login page:

1: You have an account, e-mail and password are the same to enter any website or the App of Biolovision: fill the Email and Password fields and then Login.

2: You have an account, but you don't remember password: fill Email and clic on "Password forgotten"

3:You never subscibed in a Biolovision website or App: Create a new account

4: You only want to see observations without subscribing.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NE CREEZ PAS DE NOUVEAU COMPTE SI VOUS EN AVEZ DEJA UN!



Les 4 possibilités suivantes s'offrent à vous sur la page d'entrée:

1: Vous avez déjà un compte sur l'un des sites Biolovision: vos identifiants et mot de passe sont valables sur tous les autres sites

Biolovision ainsi que sur l'App NaturaList, remplissez les champs "Email" et "Mot de passe" puis sur "Me connecter"

2: Vous avez déjà un compte sur l'un des sites Biolovision, mais vous avez oublié le mot de passe: remplissez le champs "Email"

et cliquez sur "Mot de passe oublié?"

3: Vous ne vous êtes jamais inscrit sur l'un des sites Biolovision ni sur l'App: Créez un nouveau compte

4: Vous voulez juste consulter les observations, sans vous inscrire

B: Menu, Configuration

When you login, you are asked if you agree to collaborate to the portals listed and you find the term of use (TOU).

Then you can access the Menu on the top corner left.

For iOs Beta only basic functions are avaiable. To modify a record you have to delete and re-enter it.

Menu NaturaList

Menu Allows you to Important to know
Beside the logo the account you are loggued in
Logo dans le mobile.jpg
In the phone See your data who are not yet synchronised.

Clicking one it:

Display more information



Translate name specie

Those are in the phone ONLY, as long as you don't synchronise, those data are not visible.

In case of crash of your smartphone or if you loose it, those data are lost forever., that's why we ask you to regularly (as much as the network allows you) synchronise your data.

In case of hudge use of the system, the data can take some hours to be seen on the portals, if it takes more, please contact us.

Logo les miennes.jpg
Mine: See your data who are synchronised

Clicking on it allows:

Display location

Display translation of the species name

Go to web page

Share that observation

If you need to modify those data, you can do it only in the web.

Logo en cours de verif.jpg
under verification: Data synchronised who need more information to be validated (exceptionnal numbers, unusual species for the area, etc...)

Clicking on it allows:

Display location

Display translation of the species name

Go to web page

Share that observation

Logo autour de moi commun.jpg
Around me (near) All the public sightings from other observers in your area

Clicking on it allows:

Display location

Display translation of the species name

Go to web page

Share that observation

about 4Km Radius (depends on the latitude)

more you are north, smaller it is

Logo autour de moi rare.jpg
Around me (rare) All the rare public sightings in an extended area

Clicking on it allows:

Display location

Display translation of the species name

Go to web page

Share that observation

about 100 Km Radius (depends on the latitude) more you are north, smaller it is
Choice of species Choice of species by taxa: it activate the taxa you want to enter: here you can choose the specie list you need. You can choose from a website or from a bio-geographical area Choosing a website list allows you to have access to all stuff linked with that website like: projects code, local rarity level, atlas code, cartographic layer...
Language of the species Allows you to choose the language the specie list is displayed with insects taxa or in some languages, all the species are not avaiable, because no translation have been done or no translation exist.

To avoid those missing species, you can choose scientific to enter species you will not find in your actual language.

If it don't exist in scientific name, please contact a local coordinator (you can find the list in each website) to ask to add a specie if necessary.

Position of taxonomic groups allows you to show the taxonomic group in the order you need
Cartographic Layer choose the cartographic layer you whant to be automatically dispayed cartographic layers avaiable linked with the Specie website list you choosed
Offline map download an area to be used offline Do it BEFORE to be out of network. You can adjust the limit of storage , in a way not to fill your phone.

Click on add a location and the system will download all the different levels of zoom of the area visible on your screen

GPS mode Select the reactivity you want, or if you want to save battery. Continuous (find very fast your position, more battery consuming)

Continuous (save battery) allows to be reactive but saving battery.

On request: only search your position when clicking on the smiley, take more time at each request, but don't use battery as long as you don't do request

Starting the application Choose what species display when starting the App
Atlas list code Choose the Atlas list code you are used to. Coutries are specified for each atlas list code and the number is the number of code avaiable for the list.
Hide record Chosse if you do not or partially or totally hide your records If you select do not hide records, you have to know that for sensible species, an automatic filter will do it on the local website.

That filter do not work if you enter your data directly on the website (without using the App) you have possibility to hide records too in the parameters of the website or during entering the record.

Dispay of species How do you want species to be displayed when entering data

with search engine or by taxonomic group and the family and then species.

By search you can use only the first letters of the name to accelerate the process (for example "g h" in the search engine will propose you Black-headed gull, Grey heron, hazel grouse...) the more letter you add the mpre precise you will be.
Time span for species suggestion Choose the time the App propose you the last species entered (it fasten entry)
Breeding evidence on the map activate or desactivate the dispaly of breeding code when displaying on the map for lists or protocols NaturaList carte atlas code.png
Keyboard settings for mapping Select the keyboard you are used to
My account
the account you are logued in allows you to go out and change user if some data are not synchronised, you have to do it before changing account or logout.
Biolovision Naturalist v x,xxx indicates the number of the version you have